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Searching For Nepal chronicles the emotional and cultural journey of a former Peace Corps Volunteer as he returns to Nepal, seeking out his adopted family in the aftermath of Nepal’s Maoist civil war.  Filmed entirely on location, this exotic, soul-searching adventure explores the universal yearning to go home again.

In 1977, American Phil Deutschle – armed with a college degree and youthful optimism – joined the U.S. Peace Corps. After just three months of language lessons, he sets off alone to his post – an isolated village in the Himalayas of Nepal, where he would teach science in the local school – all in the Nepali language.

Now 30 years later, Phil returns to Nepal in search of his Nepali host family and the village he once knew. Trekking across the Himalayan foothills Phil seeks the fate of his students and host father and friend Krishna Bhakta Himalaya. The film explores the pivotal issues facing small-scale foreign aid and is an unforgettable journey through the rich culture and breathtaking scenery of Nepal.


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Run Time: 88 mins.
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